About The Company

SocialSign.in provides network authentication services to partners, organizations and enterprises using patented proprietary software specifically tailored for scaled guest Wi-Fi networks.

Our webservices allows visitors to access onsite guest WiFi and captures GDPR compliant first party data, enabling our customers to effectively target visitors both onsite and after they leave using email, text messaging, or other marketing means. By leveraging one of the most requested amenities—Guest WiFi—it works without needing to change visitor behavior, install an app, or change your existing hardware. Our customers gather both valuable intelligence on the actions and marketability of their visitors and the permission to contact them and SocialSign.in’s data validation process ensures that only accurate and valid customer profiles are collected.

Each connected visitor is served a personalized and relevant experience with engaging content based on location, social interests, and other relevant data each time they use their mobile devices on-site. Later, they can re-engage with visitors using email, text, and social advertising to drive repeat visits. SocialSign.in’s data validity technology provides a clear competitive edge, providing highly accurate client identification to enhance the customer experience.

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